Studio Background:
groundcontrol studio is a 1000 sq. foot, brick-walled, full service recording/sound design/mixing studio conveniently located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn just across the bridge from Manhattan.

They specialize in music production and recording, sound design composition and mixing for picture, location sound, analog to digital transfers, encoding, compression, file conversion, video production, and editing. If you need it done, they can do it right for you.

How can they do all this?

They have 25 years combined experience in music performing, recording, production, and location sound mixing for film/TV, plus a dozen year’s experience in film/video production and post production – commercial, independent, and music video.

Their studio is built around an amazing collection of vintage analog and digital synths, vintage guitars, assorted toys, 2″ 24 track analog tape, and Pro Tools Digi002 harddisk recording. A nice 8X12 isolation room, a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, and even a vintage Ms Pacman machine.

John Bosch – John is a musician, producer, composer, mixer and performs film/video production and post-production.

Kevin Bertotti (vocals/guitar), George Inhulsen (drums) and David “two hands tapping” (bass/keyboards).

Words and Music:
Kevin Bertotti

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