100 Songs in 100 Days is a reality show featuring the people, tools & techniques being used today to make music. Producer and Songwriter Kevin Bertotti will take his 100 song catalog and produce a finished piece of music with a variety of different studios, producers, artists, bands, and music professionals over the course of 100 consecutive days.

Locations will center primarily around the New York metropolitan area but we will also make use of some unique resources to produce music with people from all over the world during this time. With the gracious support and expertise of some wonderful people and companies we are excited to get things started. The new website will be up soon with an open call for participation.

Many thanks for the world class support of these fine sponsors:

Apple Digidesign Glyph Technologies Mark of the Unicorn (MOTU)

Many thanks to these tremendously talented people who have helped make this production possible:


We’ve embarked on our 100 day journey;
creating music with some wonderful people using empowering tools and employing unique and life-crafted techniques.